The Kaddy Story

It all starts back in 2019…well, officially. Mike Abbott and Rich Coombes, high school & university mates, came up with the idea of a new way to order, pay and trade for the wholesale beverage industry. In between surfs and trips to the pub, they worked out a plan to get rid of the clunky, time-wasting ordering and payment methods for the beverages industry and create a solution that was a natural fit for the industry to get behind, and so Kaddy was born.

With their decades long combined experience - Mike brought Uber to Australia and headed up their local operations while Rich co-founded beverages businesses Batlow Cider, Capital Brewing & Will & Co Coffee - they had the inside knowledge to create something impactful for the industry.

At the same time as Mike and Rich were reimagining the beverage marketplace, wine trade entrepreneur (and now Kaddy CEO) Dean Taylor was disrupting the drinks industry from the other side with his WINEDEPOT business. Previously as founder of Wine Ark, Cracka Wines and Wine Exchange, Dean launched WINEDEPOT with the same vision as Mike & Rich - to use tech solutions to help remove those layers upon layers of inefficiency and wastage that hold back the beverage industry.

Pioneering an industry-transforming beverage fulfillment platform, WINEDEPOT created a solution to simplify the whole supply chain, from dedicated beverage storage, transport and delivery right through to invoicing and payments. That journey saw WINEDEPOT acquire both WIne Delivery Australia (WDA) and Parton Wine Distribution to bring together complementary and specialised beverage fulfilment businesses, providing a truly national capability and highly experienced team

Better together

In 2021, WINEDEPOT and Kaddy joined forces, to create an unrivalled value proposition for the wholesale beverage industry - national end-to-end fulfilment services combined with a powerful and diverse B2B beverage marketplace, Kaddy

Despite a few years of rapid growth, the Kaddy crew hasn’t lost sight of its original ethos - to leverage technology to make beverage discovery, ordering, payments and fulfilment easier. To level the playing field for buyers and suppliers no matter how big or small.

We speak your language and will always have your back, whether you’re an emerging craft beer or whisky brand, or a national wine distribution business.

We’re here to help you grow. 

2500+ Buyers


500+ Suppliers

Use on any device

Fulfilment options available


We offer a simple to use online platform built by industry which is 100% certified lazy eyes and fat finger proof.

Order simply

Order from your favourite suppliers. No more emails, calls, texts or carrier pigeons.

Easy invoicing

All your invoice and past order information at your fingertips. Your bookkeeper will love us.

No credit apps

Once you’re setup you can trade with any supplier! Say adios to credit apps.

Flexible payments

Choose between 30 day terms or pay upfront and receive a 2% discount.

Easily create beautiful user flows prototypes.

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