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Supplier Spotlight – August #1

Supplier Spotlight – August #1

We’ve got another short n’ sharp roundup of some of the newest and greatest suppliers who have recently jumped on Kaddy.

We’ve got another short n’ sharp roundup of some of the newest and greatest suppliers who have recently jumped on Kaddy. On the hunt for something new? We’ve got you covered from new mixers, spirits and craft beer, so you're bound to find some of your favourites and even unearth your next hidden gem product.

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📍Available in QLD, NSW, VIC, ACT on Kaddy

Instagram: @BOOZEBUD

Boozebud is one of Australia's leading online liquor marketplaces ranging from beer, wine and spirits from some of the world's best producers. They have over 310+ products to browse through so you're bound to find some of your favourites along with some new weird and wonderful products from their large collection of craft and boutique producers.

Unique Product: ‘Garage Project - White Mischief’

“Garage Project’s White Mischief is kettle-soured wheat sour, lightly salted and infused with white peaches, a delicate three way salty, sweet and sour balancing act. With a 2.9% ABV and like cider in a beer with high acidity that's balanced out with soft white peach and subtle yogurt characters, it delivers a super crisp, clean and refreshing beer.”

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Dainton Beer

📍Available in NSW, ACT on Kaddy


Using the only decent Christmas present his mum ever gave him – a homebrew kit in 2008 – Dan Dainton started his brewing saga punching out some pretty horrible tasting home-brews from his shed in Brunswick West. Nowadays, Dainton Beer prides itself on producing some of Australia's most inventive, insane and downright delicious beers. From a core range of favourites to a steady stream of limited releases and seasonal brews.

Best Selling Product: ‘Equalizer - Hazy Pale’

“A refreshing Pale Ale with juicy, citrus notes and a hint of tropical haze. Life's complicated, beer shouldn't be. White-collar, blue-collar or no collar, beer is the great equalizer”.

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📍Available in QLD, NSW, VIC, ACT on Kaddy

Instagram: @drinklisto

DRINK LISTO supplies authentic, preservative-free cocktail mixers to retailers, venues, events companies, home bartenders and Sunday afternoon revellers. If you don't mind shaking up a marg, get in touch with the team and they'll get some samples out to you ASAP.

Best Selling Product: ‘Tommy’s Margarita Mix’

Their Tommy's Margarita Mix is legit. They use real lime juice from the NSW Central Coast and organic Mexican agave nectar. The end result is an authentic Tommy's marg with zero hassle.

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Shepparton Brewery

📍Available in VIC, NSW, ACT on Kaddy

Instagram: @sheppartonbrewery

No strangers to the Shepparton hospitality scene, Daina Winch and Matt Milsome formerly from The Teller Collective and Fryer Street Food Store are bringing something new with Shepparton's very own brewery. Brewed local, by locals, for locals, also friends, family and nice people everywhere. All beer is made, canned and kegged onsite.

Best Selling Product: ‘Sheppxico - Mexican Lager’

“The everyday beer for the every-day-person. With an ABV of 5.1%, the Sheppxico is crisp and sweet to start off with and then a burst of hops for the finish”.

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Bonza Brewing

📍Available in VIC on Kaddy

Instagram: @bonzabrewing

Mornington Peninsula based, Bonza Brewing is a gypsy brewing business crafting small-batch ales with bonza vibrations. Bonza Brewing is committed to sustainability too, offsetting its carbon footprint by planting a tree for every 50 litres produced, regenerating native forest and habitat in Australia and New Zealand via Greenfleet.

Best Selling Product: ‘Bonza Brewing - Australian Ale’

Pale Ale brewed with Australian grown malt and hops. Packed with citrus and stone fruit hops and supported by a malty backbone and crisp finish. The creation of the Australian Ale is carbon offset and vegan friendly too!  

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Ventura Brewing

📍Available in NSW, QLD, VIC, ACT on Kaddy

Instagram: @venturabrewing

Ventura Brewing is a new, modern craft brewery mindfully creating Australia's first Artisanal Hard Kombucha, made from real ingredients, by real humans with equal parts flavour using a mix of modern equipment and traditional techniques. Young, health-conscious people love it because it's a delicious, natural and easy drinking craft alternative to beer, wine, cider and seltzer.

Best Selling Product: ‘Hibiscus and Rosemary Hard Kombucha’

Carefully crafted in limited small batches from all-natural ingredients and infused with fresh herbs and organic botanicals for a flavour that's smooth, aromatic and refreshing.

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Glasgow Distillery

📍Available in ACT, VIC, QLD, NSW on Kaddy

Instagram: @glasgowdistillery

Glasgow Distillery is a global spirits business with a focus on hand-crafting a range of multi-award-winning spirit brands. Each of these spirit brands adheres to their three cornerstones of quality, authenticity and innovation whilst also telling fascinating - and often forgotten - stories of Glasgow's past.

Best Selling Product: ‘G52 Botanical Vodka Fresh Citrus’

Inspired by the merchant past on which Glasgow was built, this is a spirit distilled with 100% natural and fresh ingredients, sourced from around the world and handcrafted with care in a traditional copper pot.

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Braeside Brewing

📍Available in VIC on Kaddy

Instagram: @braesidebrewingco

Nestled on the Bay, in Melbourne's South East, Braeside Brewing Co is an independent family-owned brewery and eatery. Braeside focuses on malt driven, easy-drinking and session-able craft beers. They've nailed the balance of good flavours that meets the needs of the everyday beer drinker, all the way to the 'Craft Beer Tragic'.

Best Selling Product: ‘Bayside IPA’

Bayside IPA is the best of their taproom IPA favourites. Combining the Apollo & Archers IPA, multiple hop additions brings a bright, fresh aroma to a complex malt body.

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