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Winona Wines

"Easy to use, very user friendly, and the discovery is amazing.”

Winona is a bottle shop on Sydney’s northern beaches focused on natural wines, craft beers, artisan spirits, special food and handmade objects from all over the world. Born from the union of art, music and food, and a destination for beverage lovers everywhere.

“In 2019 Kaddy approached us to jump on board on as a partner, and since then, we've never looked back. To be able to find new products, find new craft beer, add a bunch of different things into one order, made it much faster and easier. ” - Cam, Co-Founder Winona Wines

Applejack Hospitality

“You’ve got nothing to lose”

Applejack Hospitality are the creative geniuses behind some of Sydney's best bars and restaurants. We talked to Group Bars Manager, Lachy, about how he and the Applejack team keep their product range up-to-date and well-stocked with Kaddy.

“For anyone on the fence to using Kaddy, I’d suggest definitely giving it a crack because you’ve got nothing to lose. You’re gonna be able to see a bunch of new suppliers that you might not know of, the service is incredible and you can get your invoices straight off them.” - Lachy, Group Bars Manager for Applejack Hospitality

Wings and Tins

“With Kaddy everything's in the same place.”

Wings and Tins is a bar and restaurant where the only thing as good as their chicken is their drinks list. Venue Manager Laura talks about how Kaddy helps Wings and Tins effortlessly maintain a diverse range of rotating beers.

“There’s just so many craft beers out there now and so many breweries. A little bit stressful to try and keep on top of everything and try and reach out and get the best ones. But with Kaddy, everything's in the same place.” - Laura, Venue Manager at Wings and Tins

Darlinghurst Fine Wines

“I've saved so much time ordering through Kaddy”

Darlinghurst Fine Wines is an esteemed, inner-city bottle shop with a focus on high-quality craft wine, spirits, beer and cider. Licensee Imogen discusses how ordering through Kaddy makes it effortless to keep the store's impressive range well stocked with the latest and greatest beverages.

"Because I've saved so much time ordering through Kaddy, I can really get down to the nitty and gritty; I can spend more time with my customers, tend to the presentation of the store – it's just a breath of fresh air." - Imogen, Licensee at Darlinghurst Fine Wines