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What Producers & Distributors are saying about Kaddy.


Archie Rose Distilling Co.

“If you’re on the fence about using Kaddy, you’re crazy if you don’t.”

Archie Rose Distilling Co. is Australia's most highly awarded distillery. We talked to Trevor, Archie Rose's Head of Sales, about how Kaddy makes wholesaling a whole lot easier for him and his team.

“If you’re on the fence about using Kaddy, you’re crazy if you don’t. It makes wholesaling a lot easier. It’s easier to manage your product portfolio, it’s easy to manage your pricing, load deals – it’s just really easy.” - Trevor, Head of Sales at Archie Rose Distilling Co.

Batch Brewing Company

“They’re helping us get more customers and sell more beer”

Batch Brewing Company is one of Sydney's most respected craft breweries. Named for their founding intention of handmaking beers, 'batch by batch', Batch make a huge variety of limited release beers every year. Hear from Andrew, Batch Brewing Company's co-founder, about how Kaddy has helped Batch offer their ever-changing lineup of beers direct to trade customers.

"Because there are customers who now want to work with Kaddy, we get wrapped up into their world – some who we may never have sold to before or we didn't know they existed, or we didn't have the manpower to go out and get them. So they're helping us get new customers and sell more beer." - Andrew, co-founder of Batch Brewing Company


Star Beverages

“Love it! Genuinely – that’s a genuine response!”

Star Beverages Australia is an Australian and family-owned distributor, dedicated to bringing the most dynamic, world-class and award-winning international wines and spirits to Australian shores. National Sales Manager Angelica talks about how she uses Kaddy to not only attract new business but to more efficiently manage some of her existing trade relationships too.

“I think it’s super easy – go in, it says someone’s connected with you, someone’s placed an order, I grab a pick slip, product goes out and my money’s in my bank account. Love it! Genuinely – that’s a genuine response!" - Angelica, National Sales Manager at Star Beverages