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WINEDEPOT DIRECT expected to go live in July, launching with Vivino

The Company is pleased to announce that WINEDEPOT MARKET was officially opened to trade buyers located in Melbourne last week.

July 12, 2021

The Company is pleased to report that WINEDEPOT DIRECT will also go live this month. This new feature will allow WINEDEPOT customers to list their products for sale across a broad range of direct-to-consumer online sales channels without having to set up accounts, develop IT integrations, monitor inventory availability, or manage order fulfilment.Instead, their products will be automatically uploaded via WINEDEPOT DIRECT, a new part of WINEDEPOT's integrated trading and logistics plat fo rm. Orders generated from the sales channels will be picked, packed and delivered by WINEDEPOT, allowing consumers to purchase across multiple suppliers at the same time whilst taking advantage of same and next day delivery services in locations where those services are available. Direct-to-Consumer sales channels currently available via DIRECT include Vivino, eBay and Amazon.Vivino is expected to be the first partnership to be pushed live. With 50 million users worldwide, it is the world's most downloaded mobile wine app and largest online wine marketplace.