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Exclusive on Kaddy - Spirits Of Newtown: Crafting tailor-made spirits for the perfect signature cocktail

November 24, 2023

Sydney restaurant unveils exciting collaboration with local distillery.

In the vibrant culinary landscape of Sydney, Mille Vini stands as a pinnacle of Italian culinary excellence. Nestled in the heart of the city, Mille Vini has forged a unique partnership with Spirits of Newtown, a local distillery service creating extraordinary spirits and liqueurs that elevate the dining experience.

At the helm of Mille Vini is general manager and cocktail curator, Ando Randriana. When seeking the ideal spirit for a pear forward cocktail that is a twist of the vesper, called Venus' Nectar, Ando’s passion for mixology led him to team up with Kevin Dahl, distillery manager at Spirits of Newtown. Kevin skilfully created an oven-baked pear vodka, imparting a luxurious charred pear essence, which Ando then masterfully incorporated into the unique cocktail. “Since utilising the oven-baked pear vodka, I have to admit that it took off nicely”, Ando Randriana.

The collaboration extended to the refreshing limoncello spritz, crafted with Spirits of Newtown's preservative free limoncello. This zesty libation embodies the essence of freshly made limoncello. Mille Vini's limoncello spritz emerges as a testament to the restaurant's commitment to authenticity and quality, a refreshing departure from mass-produced alternatives.

Together, Ando and Kevin have orchestrated a symphony of flavours that transcends the ordinary, setting a new standard for cocktail collaborations in Sydney.

As the aroma of baked pear vodka and the zest of fresh limoncello permeate Sydney’s dining scene, the collaboration between Mille Vini and Spirits of Newtown serves as an inspiration. It’s not merely a celebration of the extraordinary within the confines of one restaurant but a catalyst for a broader movement where establishments across Sydney seek their own signature spirits, forging a new era of artisanal creativity in the city’s vibrant culinary tapestry.

For tailor-made spirit requests, connect with Spirits Of Newtown on Kaddy Marketplace.

As Ando pours the baked pear vodka, the aroma of sweet charred pears envelopes the air