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8 craft gins you might not know about but should

June 1, 2023


The “ginaissance” is taking over the world, one mouthwatering cocktail at a time. Gin lovers are branching out from the tried and true gin brands to experiment with boutique distilled spirits with interesting flavour profiles and wild ingredients. Whilst there is a good variety of craft gins on Kaddy, we wanted to share eight of our favourite that you might not know about but should. The best part? Stocking up your shelves is as easy as connecting with these suppliers on Kaddy.


The Myrcene Hemp Gin

by The Canna Co

Batch distilled with timeless ingredients, juniper, orris and angelica root, this remarkably aromatic and rich local gin boasts a bright and fresh, seasonal character. Fresh lavender, rosemary and sage synchronise flawlessly with delicate notes of myrcene, delivering a full-bodied gin with a welcoming mouthfeel.


Inside Gin (Limited Edition)

by Archie Rose x Sydney Opera House

The concept behind this spirit was to create the dynamism you would experience in a play, concert or celebration. This fruit-driven gin displays a bright positive summery character and presents a cast of botanicals including native thyme, Australian apricot, raspberry and strawberry gum.


Koval Cranberry Gin

by Noble Spirits Pty Ltd

Offers an enticing blend of fruit-forward and bittersweet flavors, surrounded by the crisp, well-rounded notes of KOVAL Gin's signature 13 botanicals. An homage to aperitif culture, it is an excellent base for easy, enticing cocktails for all seasons.


Wild Lemon & Hibiscus Gin

by Lord Howe Island Distilling Co.

The wild bush lemons on Lord Howe Island descend from the fruits of the early settlers. They were planted to help sustain them during the long periods between passing ships. They have a unique enveloping aroma, but beware the thorns!


Tropical Gin

by Wolf Lane Distillery

Handcrafted in Cairns, containing thirteen botanicals. The dry botanicals are steeped for 24hrs and locally sourced rugby grapefruit, mango, finger lime, lavender & mint are vapour infused in the gin basket. The result is a perfectly balanced citrus forward summer gin!


Wild Wombat Gin

by Wild Wombat

Staunched and spirited, this remarkably soft gin is distilled in a modern multi plate column still from Australian wheat, diluted with fresh Australian spring water and then infused with our eleven botanicals recipe which results in what we believe a truly Australian gin should taste like.


Australian Dry Gin

by Parrot Distilling Co

A revamped classic, making it easy to serve and easy to drink. Made using 17 botanicals, you can taste hints of apple, vanilla and mixed herbs which are all driven by the core ingredient; juniper. “A gin created for all to appreciate.”


Cravate Noire London Dry Gin

by Fils de Pomme Australia

A smooth and elegant craft gin with toasty citrus notes.

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