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A Community Commentator named 2022 Wine Communicators of Australia wine media cadet

September 19, 2022

A big congrats to our own Community Commentator Tijana Laganin, who has been named as the 2022 Wine Communicators of Australia (WCA) wine media cadet!

To quote the press release, TJ will 'undertake an extensive program to gain skills in wine sensory evaluation, wine media writing, and engagement with wine industry bodies.' with her words featured on the 'Adelaide a Great Wine Capital' website and the WCA socials.

Of course, you can already read some of TJ's articles here on Kaddy Community, including her article on why the way we talk about wine to millennials is broken, or how we can convince people to drink canned wine. and her deep dive into whether buttery Chardonnay is making a comeback.

Congrats TJ!

Read the full press release here.