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Cans are outperforming bottles in every category. But especially wine

April 22, 2022

Cans are outperforming bottles across virtually all liquor categories, which is unsurprising as cans have been the preferred format for beer and dark RTDs for a while now. Bottled beer, for example, is now in decline -7.6 per cent, while canned continues to see value growth +6.1 per cent. This aligns with what we’ve seen across RTDs, with both light (-2.0 per cent) and dark bottled RTDs (-1.2 per cent) seeing a slight value decline.

But where it gets really interesting is the trend in bottled wine. Bottled wine is in flat growth, while canned wine is growing at 12%, and attracting a notably younger audience in the process.

There’s a tonne more interesting information in this article on The Shout, written by the IRI consultant Antonia Tolich.