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Case study: Kent Street Cellars

June 1, 2023

Case study: Kent Street Cellars

We sat down with the team behind Kent Street Cellars in Sydney’s CBD to hear their story, discuss the challenges that come with being a premium independent liquor store and learn how Kaddy helped to improve their profitability.

The story

Kent Street Cellars was established in 1996 in the unique inner Sydney enclave of Kent Street village. The original concept for the business was an independently owned liquor store 'for locals, by locals'.  

Focusing on informed & friendly customer service and engagement with the local community, Kent Street Cellars has developed a reputation for its eclectic and broad range of fine wines, craft beers & boutique spirits.

In recent years the business has seen a period of growth, with the bricks & mortar retail store being augmented by a strong online presence and a focus on servicing the needs of corporate customers throughout the Sydney CBD.


The challenge

As a premium independent liquor store, stocking a high quality range of beers, wines & spirits is essential for our business. Whilst there are a wide variety of craft beer producers and distributors that we can access, engaging with these companies on a one on one basis is extremely time consuming.

Opening accounts, meeting with sales reps, tasting new products, placing individual orders and paying each company separately puts a challenging strain on our business. As a result we were working with a narrow selection of craft beer companies and our product range suffered as a result. We often received customer praise for our wine and spirits range but the craft beer range lacked depth, excitement and variety.

The solution

By providing a platform where we can access information such as tasting notes, product images, reviews, pricing and technical data, on one easy to use platform, Kaddy have instantly connected us with a whole new range of craft beers.

Being able to order different beers from dozens of smaller producers has enabled us to instantly expand our range of craft beers in a simple, straight-forward and time efficient manner. Kaddy allows us to research new products and access tasting notes and technical information prior to purchasing, this makes the task of onboarding new lines in store and online very simple.

Since using Kaddy we have seen a significant uptick in craft beers sales and improved margin across the beer category as a whole. Our customers are now much more engaged and eager to see what new beers we will bring in next. Thanks Kaddy!

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