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Case study: Lock Stock And Bottle

June 1, 2023

Case study: Lock Stock And Bottle

Lox Stock And Bottle is a local bottle-o in Abbotsford, Sydney leveraging Kaddy to bypass manual credit applications and time consuming meetings with product reps. Owner Tom Lliffe elaborates on the void Kaddy filled in his business below.

The Story

In 2013 Tom took over an existing bottle shop, refitted it and rebranded it to Lock Stock And Bottle. He sets his bottle shop apart by stocking a varying range of wines with a focus on smaller producers. The business has an average price point of $20 a bottle, making it accessible for his local customers. On top of selling alcohol, they draw regular customers back with wine tastings, bbq refills and an enticing range of confectionery.

Interestingly, craft beer represents 30 - 40% of the bottle shop’s sales with local producers like Akasha Brewing, Batch Brewing Co and Young Henry’s selling extremely well.  This is no surprise given these suppliers are all located in a 10K radius of Lock Stock And Bottle

The challenge

Before using Kaddy, filling out manual credit applications was a pain point for Tom.

“Filling out a credit app for every single product and then waiting for it to be approved is a very time consuming and frustrating process” says Tom. “By the time the process is complete, the supplier is typically out of stock of the product leaving me back at square one searching for products to source.”

Dealing with the constant flow of brand reps dropping into the bottle shop was also a challenge. “If you spend 15 minutes with every craft brewery then you can waste a few days a week - precious time that i didn’t have” says Tom.

Lock Stock And Bottle

The solution

Tom signed up with Kaddy eager to cut down on the hours of admin related work that was filling up his week.

“Being able to login, see what suppliers stock and then place an order with a click of a button has completely transformed how i do my ordering” says Tom.

“Collaborating with reps through the platform also saves on lengthy in person discussions, something i especially appreciated during the COVID-19 lockdowns. I can now spend more time on the floor serving customers rather than searching for new brands and products to stock, which is a relief”.

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