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Celebrate International Women's Day with these female-made SKUs on Kaddy Marketplace

March 7, 2023

It's International Women's Day this week, so we've put together a showcase of some of the women who are kicking goals in our industry. From distillers to brewers to winemakers, we're celebrating everyone, covering business owners balancing a P&L to those hovering over a vat in their steel caps.

Below you'll find a small selection of the products and brands you can find on Kaddy, where the owner, manager, importer or maker is a woman, with a few very special International Women's Day special releases as well. I'm sure you'll agree it's a pretty impressive collection (and this is just the start). Head over to Kaddy Marketplace to see them and more.

Product: Helen Reddy XPA for IWD 2023
Brand: Reckless Brewing Co. and Akasha
Catchment Brewing Co.

In support of International Women’s Day 2023 comes the Helen Red XPA from Reckless Brewing Co. and Akasha. A tribute to Helen Reddy, the iconic Australian singer who changed the world through the power of song, it’s a glorious hop-forward drop with a shimmering palate of tropical notes atop a classic red ale backbone, with proceeds going towards the Central West Women’s Health Centre.

Product: Aperitz Spritz Non-Alc Apertif cocktail
Brand: Monday Distillery

High Spirits, Clear Minds. Australian Non-Alcoholic Beverages. Monday Distillery offer sophisticated, non-alcoholic, sugar-free options. You can have a good time, love what you drink and love yourself the next day

This Aperitz Spritz is a ready-to-drink non-alcoholic spritz with gin and vermouth-inspired tastes with Italian orange, cherry and espresso. Non-alcoholic. Sugar-free. Forever tasteful.

Monday Distillery is owned and run by Sam Manning and her husband.

BABY Pink Gin

BABY Pink Gin is Australia’s premium pink gin that stays pink when mixed. Multiple international spirits awards have been won by this dry, juniper-forward gin.

Small batch distilled in Mount Macedon with floral botanicals including pink rose petals, chamomile, lemon verbena and raspberry leaf. BABY is gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan-friendly. Fun fact, BABY is Australia’s only 100% female-owned spirits company!

Smug AF Non-alcoholic Bellini

Smug AF – the feeling you get when you choose your goals over hangovers.

This product is made with real peach puree and non-alcoholic sparkling wine, this one is set to be at any celebration. Long lunches, brunch and a girl's night out at your venue will now be a happy occasion for anyone keen to space their drinks out or skipping them altogether.

Guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser, Smug Bellini will blow your mind with its resemblance to the real thing.

Smug AF is owned and run by friends Lauren Lakin and Jo-Anne Bowyer.

Product: Unbreakable Vol II, Rosie the RIIPA Red IPA
Brand: Noisy Minor
Catchment Brewing Co.

Rosie the RIIPA is a Double Red IPA featuring the Pink Boots Hop Blend for 2023! Celebrating International Women's Day, Unbreakable is their salute to women in the beer and brewing industry! #IWD

Soltera Rum by Cabarita Spirits

Home of Soltera Rum, Cabarita Spirits is a nano-distillery that successfully produces high-quality spirits on a small scale for cheerful enjoyment!

Soltera Rum is born from adventure, romance and revelry! Singlehandedly produced in a micro-distillery in Cabarita Beach, NSW, Keri the distiller is on a mission to produce the best rum possible in the spirit of cheerful enjoyment.

Product: Cinco Sentidos Reserva Malbec 2017

Supplier: Taninos del Sud

From the foothills of the Andes Mountains, the best representation of flavourful multilayered Argentinian wines is selected by expert boutique winemakers.

Intense deep red colour with purple hues. Clean, deep and bright. Delicate aromas of ripe plums and cherries with vanilla and leather notes resulting from its ageing in oak. Flavours of ripe plums repeat on the palate rediscovering the cherries with just a hint of caramel. A deep yet delicate softness makes you think of velvet. Great finish.

Cinco Sentidos is imported by the dynamic Lucila Pagnoni, with her company Tanino del Sud a proud Argentinian wine specialist.

Product: La Gritona Reposado Tequila
Supplier: Bibendum Wine Co.

Made by renowned tequilero Melly Cárdenas, who fashions La Gritona at her small distillery in Valle de Guadalupe in the highlands of Jalisco. One of Mexico's few female master distillers, the fiercely independent Cárdenas-who has 20 years of quality Tequila production under her belt--shares Coronado's love of the exceptional and unconventional and leads a team staffed by only local women.

For a Reposado, La Gritona is light on colour and sweetness-Coronado and Cárdenas want none of the flavours that mask many commercial Reposados like vanilla, chocolate and dulce de leche. Instead, this is packed with delicious, honest and savoury, roasted agave flavour, reminiscent of the old-style 'rested' tequila before the mass market took hold: "It's tequila like our grandparents drank," says Cárdenas.

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