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Champagne sales sparkle in Australia - up 6% to new record

May 15, 2023

Australians are drinking Champagne in record volumes, according to the latest figures from the Comité Champagne, with imports up 6% in volume (and +17.8% in value) during 2022 to new highs (read all about it in The Shout here).

Australia continues to be one of the strongest markets in the world for non-vintage Champagne, too, with NV making up 88% of sales in 2022. Sure, it's down from a crazy 90% in 2021, but this is still one market where big house non-vintage is disproportionately dominant (as Tyson Stelzer details in his comprehensive report on the state of play in Champagne here).

While there has been an anecdotal bump in on-premise sales and an increase in low-dosage styles, we're interested to know whether that's true - are consumers more interested in premium, zero-dosage Champagne?