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The trending drinks on Kaddy Marketplace of summer 2022/23

January 27, 2023

After two weeks of diving into the tea leaves to work out what could be popular in 2023 (across cocktails and general drinks trends), today, we've got some early Kaddy Marketplace data on what is already trending.

To demonstrate what is working (and why), we've picked out seven products that have been big movers up the Kaddy Marketplace sales charts between 1st December 2022 and 22nd January 2023. Importantly, all of them were new-to-Kaddy in 2022, with most of these drinks also brand-new releases.

What's interesting is to explore just why these products have been summer hits. Let's break it down:

The trending drinks of summer 2022/2023

Heaps Normal Half Day Hazy. Source: Heaps Normal Instagram

Heaps Normal Half-Day Hazy

With multiple entries into the Kaddy Top 50 Bestselling Australian Craft Beers of 2022 list, it's probably unsurprising that Heaps Normal would be a hit when they released a new beer. This new Half Day Hazy from the Canberra brewery is capturing the zeitgeist, too, as it is not only another hazy (which, as we noted last year, continues to power on), but it's less than 0.5% alcohol, tapping into the burgeoning non-alc beer trend. Smartly packaged and with a great name, our friends at Crafty Pint suggest you can have a few with lunch whether you're taking a half day or not.

Range Brewing Frequently Asked Questions California IPA.

Range Brewing Frequently Asked Questions IPA

The ever-restless Range always has a suite of new releases, but this IPA seems to have hit a particular summer sweet spot. With IPA cited as the second favourite wine style of craft beer drinkers (according to this survey) and Range building up a cult following for their hop-forward styles, it's little wonder that this archetypal 6.8% IPA style has been so well received.

Mode No More Elevator Music Yuzu Cucumber & Basil. Source: Mode

Mode No More Elevator Music Yuzu Cucumber & Basil

Mode just missed out on our top 10 list of bestselling seltzers of spring, yet have hit the ground running with this summery seltzer. Only launched in November, this is made in Australia, with vodka as the spirit, Mode aims for freshness and a lo-fi feel (as profiled in this Shout article). This Yuzu Cucumber & Basil is the most aromatic release in the range which no doubt helps appeal across a warm Australian summer.

Chateau Les Mesclances Charmes Rosé.

Chateau Les Mesclances Charmes Rosé IGP Mediterranée

The popularity of savoury and pale rosé shows no sign of changing, with IWSR Drinks Analysis suggesting that rosé volumes are expected to increase by almost 70% from 2020 to 2024. Provence rosé is the effective pinnacle of the style, but affordable examples from the larger IGP Mediterranée appellation (which includes Provence and parts of the Rhone) have much of the appeal without the pricetag. This Chateau Les Mesclances is certified organic, the cream on top for a conscious consumer.

38 Special Vodka. Source: Mobius Distilling Instagram

38 Special Vodka

There's a quiet renaissance happening in the vodka world, with a bump in popularity over the past year that has defied expectations. Bars and restaurants are a big driver thanks to a booming cocktail culture, with quality ingredients - like this 38 Special from Sydney's Mobius Distilling - driving the trend. The winner of the Champion Vodka Trophy at the Australian Distilled Spirits Awards in 2021, the 38 Special is winning fans in the bar scene with pitched by the distillery as a 'high quality, locally made house pour'.

Blind Corner Orange in Colour 2022.

Blind Corner Orange in Colour 2022

While younger drinkers are now consuming a wider range of beverages than ever before - which is softening wine demand - one category enjoying strong growth among a more youthful audience is lo-fi skin contact whites. Ben Gould's organic Margaret River wine releases from the Blind Corner label are very much on-trend, and this Orange In Colour release manages to be textural and aromatic without being too wild for drinkers new to skin contact 'orange' wines.

Modus Brewing Cluster Pucker Pineapple, Peach & Lychee Sour. Source: Modus Brewing Instagram.

Modus Brewing Cluster Pucker Pineapple, Peach & Lychee Sour

Summer is the best time for a sour, and Modus' juicy Cluster Pucker has that elusive combination of juiciness and refreshment. Described by Crafty Pint as a 'line in the sand' sour, and 'more refreshing than anything face-inverting, as if it's beer masquerading as wine cooler', this style is tailor-made for drinkers who might be put off by a more traditional beer style.