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What are the hottest drinks of spring 2022 on Kaddy Marketplace?

September 18, 2022

Tequila, canned cocktails and lagers are promising to be the hottest trends of spring 2022, with rosé and sparkling wine also trending up.

That’s what the latest data from the Kaddy Marketplace tells us, drawing on the purchasing info from the 3,000+ venues that use the platform.

El Jimador's Reposado is a strong mover on Kaddy Marketplace

What’s most interesting is that many of these popular products reflect global predictions from the beginning of the year, with IWSR’s Key Trends of 2022 report released in January suggesting that premium RTDs and agave-based spirits would be big global movers.

Despite falling into line with macro trends, some of the hottest drinks this spring are uniquely Australian, as Kaddy Marketing Manager Simone Kealy explains:

‘Sales in the premium RTD and canned cocktail segment are booming, with sales double what they were at the beginning of June. The favourites are all locally made too, including the non-alc hero Smug AF Margarita, the delicious Melbourne Martini Espresso Martini, Archie Rose Vodka Mango Spritz with Lime & Chilli & the Brix Spiced Ginger Beer & Native Finger Lime’

Kealy has noticed that the move to more premium products is echoed in seltzers too:

‘We’re seeing the more serious brewed seltzers proving more popular over the blended examples, with the Wayward Brewing W Seltzer & Coast Seltzer range the big movers’.

Speaking of big, the tequila and mezcal trend simply can’t be ignored. As we mentioned recently, a 2022 IWSR briefing predicts agave-based spirits will grow by 67% in value globally over the next four years. As Kealy notes, it is no different on Kaddy Marketplace.

‘We’ve seen mezcal and tequila at 22% month on month since June and growing at a phenomenal 70% week on week since July. This will be the Spring of agave’

Another segment that is building strongly is lager. This beer segment is enjoying a renaissance with 40% growth since the start of June on Kaddy Marketplace (as we talked about in this piece), according to Kealy.

‘We’re seeing that popularity increase thanks to a range of high-quality craft lagers - including Heaps Normal Another Lager (which is non-alcoholic), White Bay Lager, Young Henry’s Natural Lager, Yulli’s Seabass Mediterranean Lager & Two Bays Gluten Free Lager.’

Finally, the perennial flavour of Spring is enjoying a typical uptick, with Kealy noting that rosé and sparkling wine sales are up by 50% since the start of June, with non-alcoholic examples from La Tautila & Pierre Zero among the wines trending up.

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