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What are the most popular margaritas on Kaddy Marketplace?

July 26, 2022

Move over espresso martini, margarita is now the king of Australian cocktails.

That's just one of the insights that the giant OPUS on-premise survey recently showed, with margarita becoming the dominant force in a category that is booming (with cocktails up 28% in the last 12 months). It's not just margarita, for that matter - Tequila is also so hot right now. Forbes, for example, reported that global Tequila sales increased by 46% in 2020 alone. Australia is now the third-biggest consumer of Agave-based spirits per capita, behind only Mexico & USA.

Do you know what else is booming? Canned and pre-packed cocktails. Spurred on by the pandemic lockdowns, RTD cocktails are growing at 21% per annum, according to the IWSR, with strong growth among younger (sub 34yo drinkers).

On the back of all this cocktail love, and given that Sunday was National Tequila Day, it only feels right to dive into Kaddy Marketplace data to confirm what are the most popular RTD margaritas right now too.

Let's check in with the results:

Premium margarita doesn't just come in cans

If there is one resounding insight to come out of this list, it is that quality premixed/RTD margarita isn't just a can or I'll bottle thing. The Tarti Margi that has been such a strong performer comes in both 750ml and 1.5lt pouches, with a classic ingredients list - premium blanco tequila, triple sec and fresh-pressed lime juice. It will even keep for 6 months open in the fridge.

The clever NIO 100ml pouches used for the NIO Tommy's Margarita are worth mentioning - single pour 100ml pouches in a flat design that lends itself to perfect handbag/backpack portability. 

Non-alcoholic margaritas are a big part of the story

A quick glance at this list shows that two of the top 10 entrants on this list - from Naked Life & Smug - are both non-alcoholic. Given the explosion in non-alc as a whole, we're not completely surprised, but as we discussed here, NOLO options are one of the biggest growth categories in RTDs. We fully expect this segment to grow even more (and not just in the 'sober month' of July). 

10 of the most popular margaritas on the Kaddy Marketplace over the last year:

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