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Dry for July Kaddy Marketplace Recommendations - Non-alc Spirits

June 30, 2022

It's no secret that consumers are becoming more health-conscious. The 'better for you' movement is more prevalent than ever.

Now, with the biggest sober month of the year upon us, is the perfect time to invest in expanding your range of non-alc beverages - especially given that the margin on non-alcoholic drinks is similar to their alcoholic counterparts.

Over the next few posts, we'll bring you the best of four categories in the non-alc space, with a focus on products that are high in quality and charisma. Today, we're kicking off with spirits, with RTDs, beer and wine to come.

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Lyre's - award-winning market leaders
To get their non-alc spirits as close to their alcoholic counterparts as possible, Lyre’s have their own flavour architect constructing the mixes. David Murphy is one of Australia’s most respected sommeliers. He picks apart flavours and builds them up again, thinking of everything down to the mouthfeel. In fact, some products contain slight amounts of chilli to replicate that alcohol burn.

Product to look out for: American Malt

ALTD - award-winning small-batch distillery
Their mission is to explore the Australian landscape and its vast botanicals creatively and alcohol-free. ALTD's three spirits are named after Australian Cicada species and are made from ingredients all exclusively from Indigenous-owned and run, ethical farmers. Their Golden Emperor spirit has a luxurious choc-orange flavour, thanks to botanicals including organic orange peels and dark roasted cocoa husks.

Product to look out for Golden Emperor

Brunswick Aces - distiller & distributor
It started in 2017 with a group of people who enjoyed homemade food and alcohol, until a pregnancy and a triathlon made them question what drink they could share. The group went on to create Australia's first non-alc gin (sapiir). Now Brunswick Aces both distils and imports high-quality non-alcoholic spirits, wines, beers and RTDs, and an impressive portfolio of products.

Product to look out for: Diamonds Sapiir

Naked Life - award-winning local producer
Born out of the kitchen experiments of Founder David Andrew, Naked Life sets out to accelerate a healthier Australia. The team believes in sharing a special drink on special occasions, without the need to compromise on health. Naked Life's new spirit range includes the Italian Aperitivo - perfect for a Negroni Spritz!

Product to look out for: Italian Aperitivo

Hellfire Bluff - Tasmanian, small batch
Born on a potato farm on the southeast coast of Tasmania, which had its first crop planted over 30 years ago. The Hellfire Distillery range is handcrafted using local rainwater and the finest local botanicals. The Bluff Inspirit is distilled with juniper and citrus botanicals inspired by their London Dry Gin and balanced with lush ripe notes of Tasmanian blackcurrants.

Product to look out for: Bluff Inspirit

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