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Dry for July Kaddy Marketplace Recommendations - Non-alc wines

July 8, 2022

We're only a little over a week into July and non-alc is going gang-busters! Kaddy Marketplace sales in the category have soared in the last two weeks, with no signs of slowing down.

Today, we're continuing to bring you the best-selling alcohol-free SKUs on Kaddy with wines. We've got a drop from Marlborough favourite Giesen, a staple from Plus & Minus, both a classic and sparkling rosé as well as a sparkling white to dazzle your customers this July 🍷

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Brunswick Aces
One of the earliest companies to distil non-alcoholic gin, their mission is to make everyone feel welcome in every social situation by providing the best non-alcoholic products at great prices. Their range of products includes Plus & Minus, one of the most popular non-alc wines. We suggest starting bold with the Shiraz.
Product to look out for: Plus & Minus Shiraz

Paul Laycock, founder of Vinzero thanks his Spanish heritage for his love of good food and wine. Having been disappointed in the non-alc options available at the time, he decided to go to Spain and look there, now Vinzero brings consumers quality drops from all over the globe. 
Product to look out for: Señorio De La Tautila Rosé

With a mission to revolutionise the way people drink, the founders of Craftzero aim to see people interacting without an impact on culture or social etiquette. They scoured the world to find the best non-alc beverages and have an impressive selection to show for it. 

Product to look out for: Giesen 0% Marlborough Pinot Gris - winner Best Winemaker, Zero Alcohol Wine Show

Noble Spirits  
Responding to the growing desire of Australian consumers to enjoy high-quality food and drink, Noble set out to find and distribute only the best spirits and wine. The French Bloom Organic Sparkling is 100% chardonnay, pale in colour with a crisp and ripe apple scent, accompanied by a touch of sweetness.

Product to look out for: French Bloom - Organic Sparkling

Founded in 2013 by Trev and Sandy, husband and wife, and born out of a shared love of quality drinks. Before this, they'd noticed a larger range of non-alc beverages overseas, and wanted to bring these exciting products to our shores. The Pierre Sparkling Rosé is Provenance style, with beautiful full dew foam softness and freshness.

Product to look out for: Pierre Zero Sparkling Rosé

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