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Examining the NoLo market: insights from the US

February 15, 2023

Now that we’re over halfway through Feb Fast, it’s an excellent time to examine how the no and low (NOLO) alcohol market is doing and where it might be headed. And for ideal insights, let’s look at the largest and most diverse drinks market on the planet – the US.

In the US, the NOLO segment is snowballing on the back of changing consumer habits, with more people seeking healthier and lower alcohol alternatives than ever.

What’s really interesting is to understand what are the key drivers for this trend, which include:

  • the increasing popularity of health and wellness
  • The rise of mindful drinking
  • the expansion of product offerings in the market.

Want to dive further into the NOLO segment? This article from the IWSR offers many insights on the market and predictions for its future.

What do you think the future of the Australian NoLo market looks like?