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Hard Mountain Dew is now a thing

March 16, 2022

In yet another example of how traditional soft drinks and alcoholic beverages collide, Pepsi's famed Mountain Dew (aka MTN DEW) has now crossed over into the seltzer (or more correctly, 'flavoured malt beverage') land and delivered HARD MTN DEW.

Released initially in the US states of Florida, Tennesee & Iowa, HARD MTN DEW comes in four flavours (as you can see in the picture above) and is made with the category's obligatory zero sugar.

Interestingly, Hard Mountain Dew is a collaboration with the Boston Beer Company (of Samuel Adams & Dogfish Head fame), working with Mountain Dew's owner PepsiCo, with Boston Beer Company taking care of the production and marketing, with PepsiCo taking care of sales and distribution.

As you can imagine, with any crossover product like this, the excitement is real, as you can see in this very enthusiastic Mashable article.

Whether it will come to Australia is a different question. At this stage, the Hard Mountain Dew rollout is limited to the three states, with more to come. But given the popularity of seltzers mirrors that of international trends (where the category is said to be growing at 31% annually) don't be surprised to see a HARD MTN DEW available soon.