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Help save Aussie Prosecco

April 17, 2023

Could Australian Prosecco be a thing of the past?

That's one outcome of the mooted changes to the Australia-Europe Wine Agreement, with the listing of 'Prosecco' as a protected European GI forcing local producers to stop using the name on labels (even though it is a grape).

Naturally, winemakers are not amused, especially not Brown Brothers, who have now called upon the public to sign a petition to 'make sure the government hears our objection loud and clear!' and #SaveAussieProsecco

Brown Brothers, and indeed all Australian Prosecco producers (especially from the King Valley where Prosecco is king) have a rock solid case for objection too - the move by Italian producers to change the name of the grape to Glera and claim Prosecco as a GI has no historical precedence and is little more than ugly protectionism.

As Katherine Brown pointed out in an interview this week, there is also a perception that the recognition of Prosecco as a region could be the start of a slippery slope, where other grape varieties like Chardonnay or Shiraz could be under threat.

Indeed new research shows that protecting the term Prosecco as a geographical indication actually 'is a cynical attempt to avoid competition from Australian wine producers'.

Thankfully there is still time to object, as the Australian government has opened up a public objection process for your voice to be heard and #SaveAussieProsecco.