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Kaddy Marketplace is now out of voluntary administration

June 14, 2023

It's a pleasure to announce that today Kaddy Marketplace, the owner of Community, is now out from the Kaddy Group voluntary administration.

The past five weeks have honestly been horrible, with customers, suppliers and employees affected.

However, now there is light again; Kaddy Marketplace Australia is now a new, standalone company focused purely on its role as a beverage Marketplace with Community as a key plank of this plan.

As was detailed in this press release, we're thankful for the support from Lecca, the SE Asian drinks distributor and retailer (owner of the large Cellarbration bottleshop chain in Singapore), to make this happen, and now we're looking towards the future.

We'll have more to come in the weeks ahead, but the good news remains that Kaddy Marketplace - and hence, Kaddy Community - is here to stay.