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Now 'entertainment icon' and rapper Nelly has released a moonshine called MoShine

April 11, 2023

Continuing in our long-running series of celebrities releasing drinks, rapper Nelly has just dropped a new Moonshine label called MoShine.

Crafted with the award-winning Piedmont Distillers in North Carolina, MoShine is available in two flavours - Peach and Passion Fruit (yes, with a space)- these beverages are based around grain spirit with natural flavours and unnatural colours (what did you expect?).

No word on whether MoShine will be available in Australia yet, but there is no shortage of buzz in the US. You can read more at

Meanwhile, if you're interested in some good local moonshine, there are several on Kaddy marketplace to choose from - including Rocks Brewing Company's Rock Moonshine made from their West Coast IPA, and Fossey's Outback Moonshine. Check them out here.