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Talk worthy Natural Wines on Kaddy

May 31, 2023

Talk worthy Natural Wines on Kaddy

Whether you’re a fan of alternative winemaking or not, the market for natural, low intervention and organic wine is booming in Australia. The organic wine segment alone is valued at $31 million and is growing at 54% per year.

Customers are undoubtedly more conscious about what they’re putting into their bodies, and in turn are steering towards natural and low intervention wines.

We’ve recently had an influx of alternative winemakers on Kaddy, and we’re excited to share 11 of our favourite products with you.


2019 Pinot Noir

by A.R.C. Wines

This Pinot Noir has been sourced from two vineyard sites. 75% was D5V15 (Hickinbotham Vineyard planted in 1986 on sandy black loam), which was de-stemmed and macerated in tank for 2 weeks. The other 25% was MV6 (Karina Vineyard planted in 1997 on white clay), which was kept whole bunch for a week before it was pressed.


Organic P/F Shiraz

by Thistle Hill Wines

Rich, vibrant raspberry coulis and ripe cherry. This smooth medium bodied, youthful shiraz is fruit-driven, exuberant and lively. A finishing polish of oak gives hints of cedar spice to round off the soft-tannin palate. Filtered, unfined. No added preservatives. Vegan Friendly.


Primal Rosè

by Larry Tan

Picked, pressed and bottled by Larry Tan hands. Make like a primitive wo/man. Make a primal plan.Larry’s Primal Rosè is here. Will kick you into high gear.


Ephemera Chardonnay

by Lo-Fi Wines

From Yarraloch vineyard in Gruyere, grown on a south facing slope on clay loam and ironstone. Whole bunch pressed with 6 months on full lees. Minimal sulphur added at bottling.


'Roxanne The Razor' Red

by Lo-Fi Wines

Wild fermented in stainless steel, The Negroamaro and Nero d’Avola were picked on the same day, crushed and fermented together with wild yeast in small open stainless-steel fermenters, with a touch of Lagrein added prior to bottling.

Good Intentions Relatively Red

by Lo-Fi Wines

Farmed on limestone and flint rock 6 km from the ocean, this fruit comes from the only Shiraz plantings in Mount Gambier. Light, crunchy Shiraz that's slightly lower in alcohol. Carbonically macerated for 5 days, destemmed and left on skins for 24 hours.


2018 Chardonnay Spritz

by Site Wine (offshoot from Hop Nation)

Single site Chardonnay from Red Hill, Victoria. Handpicked, whole-bunch pressed. Naturally fermented. Slightly sparkling.

2019 Rosé

by Site Wine (offshoot from Hop Nation)

Single site Malbec Rosé from Benalla, Victoria. Handpicked, natural fermentation. Refreshing, dry and vibrant.  


Tonic Chardonnay 2019

by Franc About Wine

Sourced from the Bowe Lees Vineyard, Woodside, Adelaide Hills. If you are new to Tonic’s Chardonnay you are in for a treat. Franc About Wine have always felt this Chardonnay is Australia’s answer to the ouillé.


Unico Zelo Jade & Jasper Fiano

by Franc About Wine

Think Pear, Green Apple, Lemongrass and crushed Basil. Surely a grape for the future of the Australian wine industry. This wine arguably put Unico Zelo on the map by showcasing what this varietal can do in an ever-warming climate.  


Unico Zelo Pipe Dream Nero d'Avola

by Franc About Wine

Sourced from the Northern Hills grown quartz-shot clay soils. Powerful red with jubey like current fruits and the most structured of the three Nero Cru releases.  

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