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The future of Kaddy is now looking bigger (and brighter)

March 11, 2022

The future of Kaddy just took a massive leap forward.

DW8, our ASX-listed parent company, has now announced to the market that it will be bringing its entire operations under the Kaddy name, and in the process helping us to become Australia’s largest cloud-based beverage marketplace and fulfilment platform.

Since we launched in 2019, we've worked up to be the leading wholesale beverage marketplace in Australia. Now, by leveraging some of the strategic acquisitions that DW8 has made over the past two years (including Parton Wine Distribution and Wine Delivery Australia), we're going to be able to deliver an industry-leading, end-to-end solution for fulfilment, distribution and sales.

Our CEO Dean Taylor explains:

“The consolidation of our platforms and services into the Kaddy brand allows us to continue providing end-to-end services and creating an unrivalled offering for Australia’s $37.2 billion liquor market. This will also enable us to rapidly scale into global markets in the future,”

Rich Coombes, who you may know as the Co-Founder of Kaddy, is looking forward to the move to one brand:

“Our entire team couldn’t be more excited, as it will simplify and strengthen our value proposition to our rapidly growing ecosystem of trade venues and supplier partners. Since its inception, Kaddy’s main focus has been to build a best in class wholesale marketplace solution where liquor retailers and hospitality operators can seamlessly discover, connect and trade with producers and distributors. Integrating our B2B marketplace into a national end-to-end fulfilment network will allow us to provide an even better experience for the wholesale beverage industry. There is simply no platform like it in Australia or overseas.”

Indeed Kaddy is already the leading B2B beverage marketplace, with over 1,300 local and global brands with 13,000 products, servicing more than 2,300 trade buyers across the country. Growing at over 150 venues per month, recent additions to the supplier base includes PolkaDot Liquor in Tasmania and popular craft beer brands such as Brisbane’s Felons Brewing, whilst liquor retail and venues groups across the country - including Red Bottle Group and Solotel - continue to adopt and embrace the platform’s capabilities.

As you may know, buyers have access to a broader range of products, a streamlined ordering and invoicing process, and flexible payment options. Suppliers can also connect with various and diverse venues and retailers, creating opportunities to simplify back-office functions, increase sales opportunities and improve cash flow. It's a one-stop shop.

As part of the brand consolidation, DW8's other marketplace WINEDEPOT MARKET will be retired, and the buyers and suppliers will migrate to the Kaddy Marketplace by the end of April 2022.

WINEDEPOT’s suite of fulfilment solutions, including the recently acquired Parton Wine Distribution, will also be rebranded and now operate as Kaddy Fulfilment, servicing both trade and consumer markets. Watch this space for more information.

We're also updating and integrating its systems to bring all its suppliers into one centralised platform, Kaddy Connect, for a more efficient fulfilment process.

“Our team is also working hard to integrate the Kaddy Marketplace with our fulfilment solutions to allow orders to flow seamlessly. We’re confident that through deeper technical integrations, we can increase efficiency and speed with our dedicated delivery fleet and avoid network congestion, especially during peak seasons.” explains Dean.

Going forward, Kaddy will operate under two core divisions: Kaddy Marketplace and Kaddy Fulfilment.

“This is a really exciting time for our team as we unify and streamline our service offering under the one Kaddy brand. I’m confident that together, we are creating an unbeatable value proposition that offers immense benefits for the entire wine and beverage industry,” said Dean.