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The Kaddy Top 50 Bestselling Australian Craft Beers of 2022

December 12, 2022

We're in a craft beer boom time.

With craft currently growing at 17.7% YoY, and the number of breweries in Australia now topping over 300, we're genuinely in the midst of a beer diversity golden age. One where, despite flat or declining overall beer consumption, drinkers are embracing the joy of more styles from more breweries than ever before.

Here at Kaddy, we're deep in the thick of this beer bonanza, with 3,400 beers currently listed on Kaddy Marketplace (almost double the number of listings from last year), with beer now making up 5 of the top 10 bestselling SKUs across the entire Marketplace.

This week, as we finish off 2022 and start gazing at 2023, we want to celebrate the beers that have really resonated with the 3,000+ venues that use the Kaddy Marketplace and have dived into the data for some answers.

Here then is the Kaddy Top 50 Bestselling Australian Craft Beers of 2022, showcasing what has moved across Australia's bottleshops, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, RSLs, boozy barber shops and every other licensed premises (we love them all) in 2022.

You'll notice we have broken this down into five different styles to help paint a more comprehensive picture than just a list dominated by lager, pale ale & IPA. Some beers also fit into multiple categories (like the Heaps Normal XPA), so we're choosing one that fits best.

What a great list of products this is too.

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Kaddy Top 50 Bestselling Australian Craft Beers of 2022

Yulli's Seabass Mediterranean Lager. Source: Instagram

The Top 10 bestselling Australian craft lager of 2022

  • Yulli's Brews Seabass Mediterranean Lager
  • White Bay Lager
  • TWØBAYS GFB Draught
  • Modus Operandi Cerveza
  • Range Brewing Buddy Lager
  • Yulli's Karaoke Kingu Japanese Rice Lager
  • Brick Lane Brewing Brick Lane Draught
  • Mountain Culture Lager
  • Hairyman Brewery Pop Ale Hybrid Lager
  • Wayward Brewing Co - Everyday Lager
Mountain Culture Satus Quo Pale Ale. Source: Mountain Culture.

The Top 10 bestselling Australian craft pale ale and hazys of 2022

  • Mountain Culture Status Quo Pale Ale
  • Range Brewing DISCO Pale Ale
  • White Bay Sunny Hazy Pale Ale
  • TWØBAYS Gluten Free Pale Ale
  • Akasha Freshwater Pale Ale
  • Range Brewing Endless Summer Californian Pale Ale
  • Yulli's Brews Norman Australian Ale
  • Wayward Brewing Co. Everyday Ale
  • CBCo Pale Ale
  • Mountain Culture American Pale Ale
Heaps Normal Quiet XPA. Source: Instagram

The Top 10 bestselling Australian craft no or low-alcohol (NOLO) beers of 2022

  • Heaps Normal Quiet XPA
  • Heaps Normal Another Lager
  • BrewDog Nanny State Hoppy Alcohol Free Ale
  • Brick Lane Sidewinder
  • Bridge Lane Brewers Free Time
  • Range Brewing Low Key Non-Alc Pale Ale
  • Heaps Normal Half Day Hazy
  • Sidewinder Passionfruit XPA No Alc
  • Sidewinder Lime XPA No Alc
  • Big Drop Brewing Poolside DDH IPA
Yulli's Brews Amanda Mandarin IPA

The Top 10 bestselling Australian craft XPA & IPA of 2022

  • Yulli's Brews Amanda Mandarin IPA
  • Mountain Culture Cult IPA
  • TWØBAYS Gluten Free IPA
  • TWØBAYS Gluten Free XPA
  • Akasha Hopsmith IPA
  • Philter XPA
  • BrewDog IPA
  • BrewDog Punk XPA
  • Akasha Canada Bay XPA
  • Mountain Culture Double Red IPA
Mountain Culture Moon Dust Stout. Source: Mountain Culture

The Top 10 bestselling Australian craft sour, stout & other styles of 2022

  • Mountain Culture Moon Dust Stout
  • Wayward Brewing Co - Raspberry Berliner Weisse
  • Yulli's Brews Slick Rick's Rampaging Red Ale
  • Big Drop Brewing Co. Galactic Milk Stout (Non Alc)
  • Local Brewing Co. Red Velvet Milk Stout
  • CBCo South West Sour
  • Grifter - Serpents Kiss Watermelon Pilsener
  • Batch Brewing Co - Elsie the Milk Stout
  • Grifter Pink Galah Pink Lemonade Sour
  • BrewDog Passionfruti Blitz Session Sour

(figures drawn from craft beer sales across Kaddy Marketplace in 2022)