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The latest Sustainable Winegrowing Australia Impact Report is out, and it’s very positive

June 7, 2022

Want to feel a little better about the way that sustainability is approached in Australian vineyards and wineries? Read this new Sustainable Winegrowing Australia Impact Report.

This is a report card for the wine industry, and the results are certainly encouraging for anyone who has a keen eye on a more sustainable future.

Obviously, it is already actively targeted at producers who already have an eye on their sustainability. So they’re preaching to the converted, perhaps, but some of the good bits are certainly encouraging.


– 72% of vineyards and 89% of wineries have diverted waste from landfill.
– 68% of vineyards have devoted land to increasing biodiversity.
– 21% of wineries now have ‘best practice’ energy usage practices.

Sure, these are small steps. But lots of small steps make a marathon.

You can view and download the full report here.