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The most popular Australian whiskies on Kaddy

September 1, 2021

With less than a week left until Father's Day, we thought we'd take a closer look at an unbeatable gift for dads – whisky!

We've rounded up some of the best selling craft whiskies that you can find on Kaddy, all of them from Australian distillers.

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O'Grady's Stand Single Malt

from Kinglake Distillery >

📍Made in Victoria

Many single malts claim to be a product of their location but nowhere is this truer than Kinglake and the off-grid distillery that was specially designed to take advantage of its bush setting. Sam & Chantal hand-make their whisky from scratch with water from a mountain stream rising on the property. It's natural, pure and totally unfiltered.

Whilst many craft distilleries focus on single cask release, Sam and Chantal are aiming to maintain a consistent line of the best single malt they can make and will vat different barrels to achieve this.

Made from four different malts, three from NSW, one of which is roasted to chocolate, together with a heavily peated malt from the Scottish borders in the UK. Cuts are deep to give a heavy oily spirit. Aged in small-format ex-bourbon barrels from Kentucky, re-coopered here in Australia

Corowa Bosque Verde Single Malt

available from Funky Drop >

📍Made in NSW

Every great journey has to start somewhere and this one happened to start from ‘Green Grove’, the Corowa founders’ family farm. Rewinding back to his humble beginnings, it was a place filled with old tractors, green paddocks and a charming little farmhouse. Having been owned by the family since 1918, they’re now known as pioneers of organic farming in Australia.

So what’s this got to do with whisky?

Well, Bosque Verde is the Scottish Gaelic name for ‘Green Grove’, paying tribute to both the spirit’s worldly origins and the farm where it all began. The first nosing takes you back to that farmland with memories of country roads and rustic landscapes. Matured in American Oak barrels that once contained Australian Port wine, you’ll find comforting and homely notes of cherries, chocolate and cinnamon. It’s as warm as that welcome home hug.

Aromas of cherries, pears, raisins, spices, and oak with delectable hints of chocolate, a warm, spicy palate with notes of nuts, cinnamon, and malt, and a finish that’s long, sweet and soft with a hint of vanilla.


Fleurieu Distillery – Englishman In New York Single Malt Whisky

available from Mind Spirits & Co. >

📍Made in South Australia

Limited to 550 hand-numbered bottles, the new release ‘Englishman In New York’ is a celebration of remaining true to oneself. Even now in these modern times, we live in a society that constantly tries to influence us to be something other than ourselves. A marriage of Tawny and Fronti casks, ‘Englishman in New York’ delivers the traditional Fleurieu Distillery coastal umami character overlaid with a sweet salt finish.

This Fronti/Tawny barrel offering is a vatting of five 100L first fill barrels. Fronti (formerly known as white port, but no longer due to Geographic Appellation laws) is a mixture of predominately Muscat Blanc Petit Grains, Muscadelle and Semillon, the grapes are harvested late in the season to achieve rich and intense flavours. It could possibly be described as part way between a Tokay and a Sauternes in character.


Hobart Whisky Signature

from Hobart Whisky >

📍Made in Tasmania

Hobart Whisky Signature is a marriage of small carefully selected American oak ex-bourbon casks. A satisfying light ex-bourbon cask single malt that delights with a solid malty foundation, some gentle spice and a long, complex finish. A nose of freshly baked apple pie with cinnamon, raisins, sweet crust pastry and vanilla custard. Flavours of marzipan icing greet the palate with hints of vanilla bean over malty and clean oak foundations. Fizzy sherbet overtones lend this classic bourbon cask dram a lovely zing and brightness. A long and clean finish with a lingering semi-sweet sherbet fizz with hints of almond provides a very pleasant semi-dry conclusion.

Hobart Whisky has decided not to restrict the ABV to a particular percentage and instead are aiming to always cut their Signature release to between 46% and 50%. This however means that each batch ABV % will vary slightly.

Fanny's Bay.jpeg

Fanny's Bay Gift Set

from Fanny's Bay >

📍Made in Tasmania

The Fannys Bay range of whiskies are described as a smooth, mature, full palate with a refreshing taste of their northern coastal waters. Fannys Bay Artisan Distillery is situated on the windswept northern coast of Tasmania at the home of Mathew & Julie Cooper.

This gift set contains 2 x 100ml bottles of Fannys Bay artisanal whisky – one Sherry cask 48.5% and one Port cask 55%, complemented by an etched Glencairn glass, and all beautifully presented in a neat foam insert box.

The perfect gift and introduction to the Fannys Bay range, all made using the traditional Scottish method.


American Malt (Non-alcoholic)

from Lyre's >

📍Made in NSW

This unique spirit has been impossibly crafted to capture the essence of a gently mellowed American Classic Bourbon Malt with flavours that are distinct and contemporary. Lyre's spirits don't just mimic, they have their own distinction as a premium, non-alcoholic beverage.

Generous flavours of vanilla and toasted nuts with herbal notes providing a complexity, offset by a long mellow finish. The gently spiced palate results in the flavours remaining well after finishing.

Waktins Whiskey.jpeg

Watkins Whisky Co. Single Malt

available from Craft Drinks Corp >

📍Made in Queensland

Made using a traditional family recipe and Queensland barley aged for 7 years in ex red wine reconditioned French Oak barriques with American oak heads.

This whisky displays rich luxurious amber colour, sweet honey and spice on the nose. Complex sherry, port and vanilla on the palate. Perfect for celebrating births, weddings, wakes and anything in between.


SOB2020 Bourbon Cask Single Malt

from Craft Works Distillery >

📍Made in NSW

Craft Works Distillery is at the back of the Capertee Royal Hotel on the edge of the widest canyon in the world, the stunning Capertee Valley.

This 56% American Oak bourbon style single malt whisky is a limited release of 240 bottles.

Vanilla toffee notes and all about the bourbon influence, this single malt is aged on multiple ex-bourbon casks to influence the flavour, colour and complexity.

This is just a wee dram of the dozens of Australian made whiskies, hundreds of suppliers and thousands of products that are available on Kaddy.

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