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The ultimate RTD? Jack Daniels & Coca-Cola to debut Jack & Coke

June 15, 2022

With Jack Daniels booming in the US – up a monster 20% in the United States last year – and RTDs also in phenomenal growth (up 14% globally in 2021), it seems only natural that we’re seeing lots of investment in the sector.

Enter Jack & Coke.

While Jack Daniels & cola has been a thing for years, this collaboration sees Jack Daniels married up to genuine Coca-Cola in a range of premixed RTDs that will be debuting later this year with full co-branding.

There will even be a zero-sugar version., which fits in with the increasing trend for ‘better for me’ drinks.

No word yet on when this will come to Australia, but given the strength of both brands locally, you’d think it will be just a matter of time.

Full details of the release here. Meanwhile, what do you think of the packaging?