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World first biodegradable straws made from tequila production waste arrive in Australia ahead of plastic straw ban

August 31, 2022

Here's one thing we're very excited about - as reported in The Shout, a new biodegradable straw made from upcycled tequila waste production has just landed in Australia.

The Penka straws use agave fibres to create these finely textured bioplastics that feels 'real', while completely biodegrading within four years. That the agave itself comes from the byproduct of tequila waste just makes these straws even more welcome (and they make your margarita taste better). 

As The Shout article notes, these straws couldn't come at a better time, NSW to join the ACT, Queensland, WA and SA with bans on plastic straws from November 1st, with Victoria following in 2023 and NT in 2025.

Penka biodegradable agave straws are available now on Kaddy Marketplace (here).

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